Youvit Collagen for Anti-Aging

RM19.99 MYR

"One of the best investments for my skin that makes my skin supple and glows."

-Dewi, Youvit Customer

 ✔ Makes skin look younger and supple
 Moisturizes skin from the inside & prevents fine lines
1000 mg Collagen and Vitamin C
 Gummy format makes it easier for the body to absorb the vitamins
Delicious strawberry taste
  For optimal results, consume 2 gummies a day for at least 30 days





Product Composition


What type of collagen do we use for our Youvit Collagen products?

We use VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides®. Premium quality collagen for healthy skin.


How many gummy you need to consume daily?

 2gummies per day. We need to consume 1,000 mg/day, whereas 1 gummy only contains 500 mg of Collagen.


Why does this product contain Vitamin C as well?

Vitamin C helps maximize the production and function of Collagen in our skin.


From what age can people consume this product?

From 16 years old.


How to maximize our skin health with this product?

While consuming this product, we can also live a healthy lifestyle every day and use several topical treatments (such as skincare) on our skin.


Can pregnant and breastfeeding mothers consume this product?

Yes, it's safe but it's best to consult your doctor first.


What is the recommended way to consume this product?

In the morning, after breakfast. Or anytime, but after a meal.


Is this product Halal certified?

Yes, all Youvit Vitamins are Halal certified.


What is the difference between Biotin and Youvit Collagen?

Youvit Biotin contains Biotin, B complex and other vitamins such as Vitamins E and C to support your hair, skin and nails. Youvit Collagen contains 1000mg of Collagen and Vitamin C for anti-aging. The two products complement each other and are more effective when consumed together.


How long does it take to see the effects?

Different bodies react differently to vitamins. However, 65% of customers who consume Youvit Biotin daily have felt the effect within 30-60 days.


Is this lab tested?

Yes, all Youvit products are lab tested in Singapore to ensure that they're high quality.

How to Consume

1. Consume two a day every day - one gummy in the morning & one gummy before bed.

2. It is recommended to consume after eating, after breakfast and after dinner

3. To get glowing skin, it is recommended to consume both Youvit Collagen & Youvit Biotin

Youvit Collagen for Anti-Aging

RM19.99 MYR

1000 mg of Collagen

Collagen contains amino acids from proteins that form body tissues.

Vitamin C

A source of antioxidants that can prevent skin's premature aging and optimize collagen production.

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