This is Why You Should Consume Collagen Gummies

Currently, there are many collagen supplements in the market and they take various forms – some are in the form of collagen drink, powder , and also gummy which are very easy to consume. But what's the difference between collagen supplements in liquid, powder, or gummy form ? Here's the what Youvit Nutritionist said why you should consume collagen gummies !  

One thing is certain, there is no difference in the benefits of collagen offered by various forms of collagen supplements. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, which can be found in bones, muscles, skin and tendons. Collagen forms the framework that provides strength and structure in the body. As an important component of connective tissue, collagen plays an important role in holding the body's cells together. Collagen also has benefits in giving strength and elasticity to the skin. In short, collagen is very important for the body.

5 Advantages of Collagen Gummies

According to a nutritionist at Youvit, even though it has a gummy candy-like texture, collagen supplements in gummy form generally only contain collagen and additives such as vitamins and minerals which are low in sugar, so of course they are very different from ordinary gummy candies which are sticky and contain a lot of sugar. Gummy supplements are also generally have fruit flavors and coloring which of course makes the taste and shape more attractive and easier to consume.

Here are 5 reasons you should consume collagen gummies and their advantages over collagen supplements that are presented in other forms:

Practical and easy to consume

Collagen gummies are easy to consume anytime and anywhere because they are easy to carry and you only need to chew them and you don't need the help of water and mug, unlike collagen supplements in liquid or powder form.


The texture is dense and contains the full dose

By consuming just one gummy collagen , you get the full dose of collagen intake. This is different when you consume collagen only in other forms, such as liquid or powder . As previously explained, gummy is packed more tightly and therefore easier to consume.


Small, but many health and beauty benefits

In general, collagen gummies have many benefits for body health and beauty, from supporting joint health, increasing skin elasticity, improving hair growth and texture, to increasing muscle mass.


Great taste

Collagen gummies are available in a variety of different flavors, so anyone looking to reap the health and beauty benefits of collagen will find them easy to consume. You can still enjoy a good taste even though you're taking supplements, right?


Easily digested by the body

Although the benefits cannot be seen instantly, consuming collagen gummies regularly can help improve skin health and increase its rejuvenation.

The process of digesting collagen gummies starts from the moment we chew it. Saliva produced by the mouth and acid in our stomach will break down the gummy. Gummy supplements are believed to have a higher bioavailability than non-chewable vitamins. This means that supplements with a gummy texture are more easily absorbed by the body, and one gummy fruit takes approximately 30 minutes to dissolve in the stomach.

Why do you need to consume Collagen Gummies ?

As we age, the body produces less and less collagen. This causes our skin to become less elastic and wrinkled, and it becomes thinner. This can happen most quickly at the age of 25-30, and increases in women after menopause. It's this scary fact that makes so many people turn to collagen supplements, and it's the ease of consumption and effective collagen content for the body that makes collagen gummy so popular among women of all ages. 

Now there is a collagen supplement for anti-aging Youvit Collagen Gummy which is a combination of collagen and vitamin C supplements in a gummy format (jelly chew) premium quality. Youvit Collagen Gummy contains 1000 mg of collagen and vitamin C which will nourish the skin from inside, provide maximum hydration, reduce fine lines ( anti-aging ), and maintain skin elasticity so that the skin is supple and glowing by consuming only two gummies a day. 

Equipped with a delicious strawberry flavor and a beautiful rose-shaped gummy that will make taking collagen supplements a new, fun, and unforgettable experience! It's best to consume Youvit Collagen Gummy in the morning before breakfast when your stomach is empty, so that the gummy is easier for the body to digest.